What’s Your Idea of Courage?


When was the last time that you remember being courageous? Answering that question means you know what courage is and why it is used. If you do remember a time when you were brave against all odds then take yourself back to how it felt. That feeling is worth its weight in gold, it is…

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Fear: Is It The Enemy?

F-E-A-R_ New_630x315

Almost all of my clients have the same belief about fear; they don’t appreciate it because of the way it makes them feel. Highly understandable, but is fear the enemy? Is it YOUR enemy? Well, I can tell you that it’s not my enemy, in fact – fear is my loyal friend, always one step…

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Ever Shook at The Knees Before a Fight?


We all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of violence. If you’re lucky enough to never have experienced a violent episode in your life then I’m glad for you – really. For those of you who know ‘hard times’ I’m here to reassure you that there is a way forward if…

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Affirmation: The Blueprint of Your Success

We hear it almost everywhere these days; “affirmation can make you rich,” OR – “my life changed with affirmation.” And there are a vast number of people who have indeed changed their life’s direction with this powerful tool. And how about you? Have you managed to get to cloud 9 yet or does it all seem kind…

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What Do Women Really Want From You?

What’s the ONE thing that many men lack when trying to attract women? They lack understanding. To think that women – real women – seek only to kill your overdraft is very far-fetched, as many men seem to be on the defensive regarding the much loathed gold-digger, the reality is that decent women do still…

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Why Bother With Meditation?


I know that many of you find it difficult to sit still in silence for even a minute, let alone 20 – or longer, hence why countless people tend to avoid meditation as if it were the plague. But there are a multitude of ways to learn this ancient and potent art without all the…

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The “Confidence” Quest


Do you remember the last time that you felt Confident?   Today maybe, was it yesterday, last month or even last year? Was it that time when you plucked up the courage to get a number-close from the ‘attractive stranger’ on the high street who was ignorant of you at first, but then felt attracted to…

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