Can Money Buy Happiness?

money and happiness

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series of my journey, from stumbling on the Pick Up Artist community in my teens to finding out about Day Game and making it a LIFESTYLE.

Part 1The Call To Adventure
Part 2Rags To Riches
Part 3 [You Are Here] – Can Money Buy Happiness?

Don’t mistake happiness with pleasure.

External stimuli will give you a nice dopamine release… but that quickly wears off.

“I’ll be happy when I have a girlfriend.”

“I’ll be happy when I get that job.”

“I’ll be happy when I get that car.”

“I’ll be happy when I get that dream home.”

Have you ever had these thoughts?

I have.

All my life I believed my problems would just disappear when I got money.

After a few successful product launches, I had everything I could wish for, a penthouse in the center of Manchester, the nicest food I could buy, 5* holidays…

Yet I Still Felt Like Something Was Missing!

I learned that I wasn’t going to fill that void from external validation, but instead internal validation.

In my case, I felt the happiest when I was around people.

We’re evolutionary inclined to be together! Think about it…

Back in the old days we lived in tribes. There were no iPhones and Ferraris. We had to communicate and understand each other to SURVIVE.

Sure, the world has changed a bit since then, but people are still pretty much the same.

Nowadays it’s much easier to get into other “tribes” (i.e. social groups). I wanted to meet lots of people – especially women.

I thought the fastest way to do that was to go out to clubs, bars and even strip clubs.

TIP: Strippers are GREAT to practice game on.

In my opinion, there is nothing better to throw you “into the deep end” and help you get over that anxiety, than having TWO hot, busty, semi-naked babes sitting on each side touching and flirting with you.

It’ll be a bit scary the first few times, but just like anything, the more you do it, the more comfortable you’re going to get. ;)

I Shit You Not…

Wherever I went I’d have a “cheat sheet” on my phone to remind of what openers and routines to practice.


Looking back I can only laugh at how ridiculous all of this was!

When you start day gaming you’ll understand that what you DO is far more important than what you SAY.

The best routine in the world isn’t going to help you when your body language and delivery is shit.

I do believe in having a structure to your approaches, but to try and systemise everything is just insane. You’ll constantly have to wear a “PUA mask” and you’ll never truly be yourself.

It was around this time I started to realise how fake all of this Night Game stuff was. Plus I wasn’t meeting the quality of girls I wanted.

“There HAS To Be A Better Way!”

Yep, the same thought ran through my mind after a holiday in Miami with my old business partner and his mates.

As you may know, the club scene and women there are just out-of-this-world.

There were stunners everywhere; at the pool parties, restaurants, clubs.

I WANTED to talk to them so bad… but I just couldn’t.

Even when we got tables at the clubs and had plenty of women coming up to us… I’d pussy out!

I think “analysis paralysis” kicked in, the PUA mask fell off and I felt venerable. No fancy eBooks or routines were going to save me now… only hardcore experience.

After I got back from Miami, I started researching about better ways to meet women other than the PUA stuff.

I remember coming across an infield clip of a guy approaching women on the street.

Enter Day Game…

Instantly I knew this was my answer!

The solution had been there under my nose the whole time… It’s so damn simple!

Instead of playing stupid games in clubs, why not muster up the courage to talk to attractive women in the DAY?

5 Reasons Why Day Game Is Awesome:

  • You don’t need to waste time and money going out to clubs.
    You can meet women whenever you’re out and about. Plus it feels genuine, as women don’t usually act all “princessy” like they do on nights out.
  • Day Game interactions are usually ~10 minutes.
    You approach, build a bit of initial attraction, get to know a bit about her, then get her number so you can arrange to meet up later. SIMPLE. In clubs you’d have to spend a few hours with a girl to get her back home (and possibly get cockblocked by her friends!)
  • No need to compete with 100s of other horny guys!
    In clubs, hot girls will get hit on all the time. You are the lucky 1% who actually knows about Day Game. So not only do you get to cherry pick the hottest girls, but you’ve got more chance of her actually remembering you – so no awkward phone calls or texts. ;)
  • Day Game develops you as a person.
    You don’t need to intoxicate yourself with alcohol to have fun. This is all about being yourself and allowing women to like you for who you are. The skills you learn will carry over into other parts of your life. You’ll ultimately become a happier person, your mindsets will shift, relationships with your family and friends will improve, you’ll become more confident at work/your business, and so on and so on…
  • It’s good exercise!
    Do the math; on average you burn about 250 calories per hour of walking. Some days I’d be out walking around for a few hours! I’ve definitely lost a couple of pounds since I started day gaming. :)

I hope you see how powerful Day Game is.

It’s not just about “picking up” women, but more about becoming the best version of yourself.

THAT is how you attract women, not by using some sleazy routine or gambit.

Whether you’re just looking for a girlfriend, want to get your ex back or want to appeal to every decent woman out there – whatever your goals are…

Day Game WILL Help You Achieve Them

Picture this…

It’s a sunny day, so you and your friend decide to take a walk.

Everyone is relaxed, there are people sitting outside soaking up the sun, sipping on their tea.

Some are lying on the lush grass and enjoying the serenity.

It’s one of those days where the city is buzzing but it feels like nobody is in a rush to get anywhere.

You can’t help but notice all the gorgeous women walking past.

This is when you and your friend start nudging each other and saying stuff like:

Girls On Street - Summer

“WOW, check her out!”

“That one that just walked past was FIT!”

“Shiiittt did you see her? She has some juicy ass!”

I’m sure you’re nodding your head and smiling right now. We’ve all done it.

It’s quite funny when a beautiful woman strolls past and you see like 5 guys pause and look up all mesmorised.

They just do that “up and down scan” every time they see a hottie. But unfortunately, NONE of them actually walk up to the girl and compliment her.

Why? Because they lack CONFIDENCE.

You need to understand that confidence isn’t “gained” or “built” it’s UNLOCKED.

There is nothing physically stopping you from approaching women you’re attracted to. You have everything you need to do some amazing things; the only thing that is stopping you… is yourself!

Rule Your Mind Or It Will Rule YOU!

Imagine you walking down a street and you catch a girl’s eye.

Before you give yourself (i.e. your mind) any lame excuse on why you shouldn’t being doing this… You just go and approach her.

You’re surprised when you see she is very receptive (apart from a few wolf whistles she has never been approached directly and complimented like this before).

She’s attracted by the mere fact that…

You’ve Got The BALLS To Approach Her
In Broad Daylight

As you hold eye contact it feels like the whole world melts around you.

You don’t notice the cars or people going by.

You lose all perception of time.

It’s just you and her in this little bubble. (yep that’s what it feels like)

The conversation is going well. You’re peppering in a few teases at the beginning, to keep the interaction light and engaging. But you dig deeper once you hit an interesting topic…

By this point she’s completely comfortable with you talking to her. Her looks and personality match – she is exactly your type!

You exchange contact details and agree to meet up another time.

Not only did you make her day, but you’ve got yourself a potential date. ;)

This Is What Day Game Is All About!

You share a great moment with a girl you actually want to talk to.

This is FAR better than preying on drunk girls in clubs and bars.

Although Day Game may seem like a great feat for newcomers, it can be done. You don’t have to rely on friend groups and wait a lifetime to meet “The One”.

You’ve seen that I have made many mistakes in my businesses – it’s no different in Day Game.

Check out my 7 Day Transformation, where I went from struggling to make Approaches all the way through to Number Closing and earning a Date on the 7th day!

Me and Anthony cover everything to give YOU the learning experience like No Other…

I want you to have an advantage when you go out there and try this stuff… Enjoy! :)


The Moral Of The Story Is…

And as corny as it sounds, is to follow your heart.

I thought having lots of money would satisfy me – but it didn’t.

Since October 2014, I stopped doing promotions, parted ways with my old business partner and partnered up with my current mentor, Anthony.

All of our focus now is on Day Game.

I Am Much Happier Earning 5 Times Less,
But Actually Doing Something I Love

Sometimes I can’t sleep at night.

Not because I’m scared of how I’m going to get through the next day (the case 2 years ago), but because I’m so PUMPED for the next day to begin.

For once I feel alive.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because I want you to see how the power of commitment gets you through even the darkest of times.

My “overnight success” took me 3 years of struggle. I HAD to do the scary things to get to where I am now.

If I could go back in time…

I Wouldn’t Change A Single Thing.

All the Good, the Bad and the Ugly times have made me who I am today. And I’m very happy with what I have achieved.

I hope my story will inspire you to take a chance, and to never give up hope.

For years I chased success and sacrificed happiness, but I learned to just have fun and enjoy the process.

That’s all that matters. :)