Ever Shook at The Knees Before a Fight?


We all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of violence.

If you’re lucky enough to never have experienced a violent episode in your life then I’m glad for you – really.

For those of you who know ‘hard times’ I’m here to reassure you that there is a way forward if you’re willing to work for it. Fighting is not everyone’s cup of tea!

For the majority of people in this world it’s more than enough to watch a violent movie let alone engage in anything that screams PAIN & SUFFERING.

There are too many reasons for why people beat the blood out of each other, senseless reasons for the most part, but then there are totally ACCEPTABLE reasons for having to brawl.

Sometimes it’s just unavoidable – fact.

Some people DO mean well (bless ’em) when they tell you some foolishness like;

“oh just be sensible” … “just run” … “call the police” …

or the CLASSIC: “it takes a man to walk away.”

Ohhh please –

It takes a man to stay and fight!

Turn your back and you still take a beating,

Come on now.

If the danger is IMMINENT then “sensible” won’t defend against incoming attack, and “running” is a form of self-defence but where will you run to if your attacker/s are fitter than you?

Or what if there is no place to run?

Ever Think of That?

Or you can always just “call the police” which involves whipping your phone out which would suggest that your attacker will wait patiently for you to make a call to the authorities and also wait for them to arrive and then let you hold a beating-

yeah –

in an ideal world maybe.

I don’t know what world you’re living in, but in the world that I live in;

it pays to know how to defend yourself


your loved ones.

Some people just don’t understand what it’s like to be stood before people who are hell-bent on hurting you. It’s not a nice thing to deal with and nobody should ever have to fight.

But life is about taking the rough with the smooth, maybe it’s NOT YOU who’s in danger, but a relative, friend, partner, colleague – etc. but you’d want to be able to defend them RIGHT?

Or am I writing this post for a bunch of cowards?

Hope not

but don’t worry, I’m on your side –

I know what it feels like to be afraid to the point of shaking,

and I’ll help you to change all of that,

one day at a time,

when you start training with me.

In my other post I talk about “confidence” –

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Being confident is just one of the rewards for learning how to defend yourself and/or others PROPERLY if the need ever arises.

And if you never have any need to “put up your dukes” then great! But remember this old saying as it still rings true:



You’re at a restaurant with the lady who you’ve just number-closed during the week, this is your time now, FINALLY – after countless rejections, seeing some of the UK’s finest women giving you ignorance instead of attention;

this one’s digging you,

she’s ACTUALLY comfortable with you,

loving your company…

to the point where you don’t even have to act out of character,

free to be YOU…

The night’s going seriously well, decent meal, stomach’s full, wine went down a treat, and now it’s time to leave.

Seems like she wants you to go back to her place, which is no skin off of your nose because

you’ve just used your rent money to pay for that night out

had one bottle too many

which means…

no electric, no gas =

no sex.

images (12)

Or, for those of you who enjoy a kiss and a cuddle –

none of that either.


But all is well ‘cos she wants you to go home with her. Now you’re beginning to feel blessed, but due to the alcohol you both became complacent and were actually the last ones out of the restaurant.


..you’ve missed the last train,

night buses take forever,

it’s late,

you’re out of your manor,

out of coin too –

so what – you’re gonna ask her to pay for a cab?


You both decide to walk, this is her area, she just lives 20 mins away and the night is sweet, cool not cold, you’re both loved-up so you’re happy walking, arm wrapped around her shoulder.

You’re feeling like a MAN.

About 10 or so minutes into the walk you both hear shouting in the distance.

Cursing out loud…

You think to yourself; “maybe we should turn back,” but that’s the weakness speaking, you know that your new lady-friend is the type who expects her man to PROTECT her, but in all honesty the shouting has seeped into your bones like poison.

Even though you haven’t yet seen who’s making all the noise, you know this nutter is either drunk, or a dangerous man prowling the streets after dark, and it’s getting louder.

You both cross the street and she seems ignorant of the nutter who, by now, is cursing hard, a bottle smashes and you see this guy kicking bins and cars, now she looks scared, she grips your arm tight.

Now your heart’s beginning to race as this guy notices you both;

but guess who he’s staring at?

Yep, he’s staring straight at her,

“your date.”

What happened to feeling like a MAN?

All too much now huh?

Decisions are tough to make “in the moment.” Time is ticking at lightning speed, panic kicks in, adrenaline’s making your body shake and you just DON’T WANT IT.

But your opposition wants it and they don’t give a damn about what you want either.

So what do you do now?

  • Hope for the best?
  • Get your mobile phone out and call the police?
  • Cry out for help?
  • Close your eyes and just “take it” like a man…?
  • Beg?
  • Or (this one makes me laugh hard every time) start name-dropping?
  • Hit-and-hope?
  • Run away screaming and leave your date with the freak?


Ok my friends – scenario is over.

You get the idea, I’m sure you do. The strong minded exude a certain degree of strength that is often enough to deter bullies and troublemakers.

If your confidence is high enough (without being over-confident) then others will feel this without you having to say a word.

Ever stood next to someone who had a certain ‘presence’ about them that was kinda hard to ignore?

If so, you perceived their energy, a level of confidence that’s like their shadow, it never leaves them, they have solid self-belief and they bow to none.

True strength is not about going to the gym to develop muscles – although it helps to have a strong frame – muscles don’t win fights;

Self-Mastery and Skill does.

Trust me, I’ve had many “David & Goliath” moments, but I’ve survived because I dared to believe in myself. I develop my skills and my mindset to a standard that I feel is high enough to feel confident in my abilities.

In other words; I take care of myself, no one has EVER fought my battles for me, it’s always been me to help others. This is another reason for my confidence, I’ve never actually relied on help from anyone, even when help was offered.

I always believed in myself even when the odds weren’t in my favour,

something inside me just seems to take over whenever I’m in need –

I guess that “something” is the REAL me.

Fear doesn’t have to be a cement-pool, it is really here to serve as a guide, one which is hard to ignore. Like a beacon out at sea, warning you of rough weather conditions ahead – forewarned is forearmed.

When you LEARN HOW TO FIGHT PROPERLY fights rarely find you.