Fear: Is It The Enemy?

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Almost all of my clients have the same belief about fear; they don’t appreciate it because of the way it makes them feel.

Highly understandable, but is fear the enemy? Is it YOUR enemy? Well, I can tell you that it’s not my enemy, in fact – fear is my loyal friend, always one step ahead of me, letting me know if;

the road ahead is clear of danger.

Also, how would you know/understand yourself if you never knew fear? Fear not only alerts you of trouble, but it also helps you to IDENTIFY with yourself.

Fear is like a guide. Sometimes people just don’t listen to the “subtle signs” that life presents them with, just like as children when our parents told us to behave – only to shrug that gentle warning off.


Because the warning was too gentle to be taken seriously at the time, so we crack-on, ignorant of the chance to avoid harsh consequences.

But then the message comes back with a little more urgency about it, by which time some people will heed the message and play ball, but for those who continue in their ignorance –

Something DANGEROUS This-Way-Comes

So, fear presses the “adrenaline” button which supplies you with a boost of heightened energy, and something else which acts like an anaesthetic that helps to numb any pain that might result from any (possible) impending danger.

The energy boost is to override any fatigue or injury to give you the best possible chances of either defending your (or another’s) position or to simply escape. But the energy level is so high that it causes you to shake.

Many of my clients have told me that they perceive “shaking” or “trembling” as a sign of weakness, but this is not the case. Many martial artists have practiced to high levels of skill, enough to be deemed as Masters.

They know that internal energy can often cause people to shake because of the force that it gives off when “activated.” This does not indicate a weakness of any kind – it is in fact the opposite effect:


Have “faith” in fear too.

Fear gets such a bad rap but it’s obvious to me that it has no fault. Therefore, it is not something to frown at, it has a job to do – keeping you alert and as safe as possible.

You want to know how I perceive fear?

As one of my Guardian Angels. 

Remember this as you venture out into the world, live your life from this point onwards with a renewed mindset regarding fear and what it REALLY is.

There are many things that give us huge cause for concern but people need to be sharp-of-mind to be able to determine the best way to proceed.

Fear can raise your sensitivity to keep you well informed about the situation at hand and your own position/standing.

Allow fear to teach you, let it show you a few hidden depths about yourself that you were never aware of. Pay attention and start learning about your life with fresh awareness.

What’s the last 4 letters of the word FEARS?

Good – you’ll be using “them” to LISTEN to some LIFE CHANGING revelations when you attend our Residentials and our Bootcamps – coming soon.

Accept fear – it accepts you