How To Approach, Number Close And Get The Girl Out On A Date!


Watch the infield video above – then read my full analysis below…

Whenever I refer to “Infields” I simply mean video footage of an approach.

When you approach a girl, I always recommend you go direct.

What I mean by this is, don’t hide your intentions by asking her what the time is or where you can find the nearest Starbucks.

The simplest thing you can do to show your intentions is to give her a compliment.

In this case the girl walked past me quickly, so I didn’t really have time to notice anything to compliment her on. I just turned around and darted after her.

When I approached, the thing that caught my eye was her necklace.

So I simply said what was on my mind

“I love the necklace!”

This is the most basic compliment I could think of on the spot. It certainly isn’t a “routine” or “pick up line”.

The approach was spontaneous, so I had go with the flow.

You can even see that about 30 seconds into the interaction, my mind just went blank – but that’s OK!

Girls don’t expect you to be some smooth player.

After all, the VAST majority of guys don’t stop girls on the street. It takes BALLS to approach like this, so she’ll respect you for it.

And since most girls have never experienced this before, it may seem “weird” when you go for the number close.

In hindsight, when she said “this is weird” it was my cue to build more rapport with her. Talk more about her and get to know her on a deeper level.

This short interaction still led to a solid number.

Here are the texts:


As you can see, I keep my texts short and to the point.

Remember: The whole point of texting is to get the girl out on a DATE.

So avoid going into long winded conversations – save that for when you see her in person.

I’m guessing you’re in this game for bigger reasons than just being “texting buddies” with women. ;)

This girl is quite cheeky (and paranoid) and takes her time replying to texts. So I do the same!

I knew telling her that I’m only 21 wouldn’t go down too well. I’d rather get her out on a date first, THEN tell her in person.

We were supposed to meet the next week, but I stalled her out by accident. I forgot Anthony and I were filming Man Up on that Sunday.

Give Women The Gift Of Chasing YOU!

Honestly, I think “pushing” her away actually worked in my favour. In my opinion, attraction is created in the PUSH.

We agreed to meet up on the next Thursday instead.

Because this girl had a bit of an attitude, I thought she was going to stand me up (i.e. flake) on me.

Flaking: When a girl cancels or fails to show up for a date.

TIP: If you think a girl is going to flake on you. Send her a text to confirm, like I did, “Running a bit late.. make it ____ .. Ok?”

If she replies, she’s most likely going to turn up.

A Day Game interaction may only last a couple of minutes, so on the first date you’ve got to build comfort, trust and a connection.

I like to go to a coffee shop or a pub at the start. Just so we can sit down, relax and get to know each other properly.

Don’t go to the cinema. (You’re not really going to get know her by sitting and staring at a screen in silence for 2 hours) :P

After I met up with her, we went in and grabbed something to eat at a nearby Pret a Manger.

This is where I got to find out more about where she’s from, what her interests are, where she works, etc.

As she got more comfortable around me, I decided to bounce elsewhere.

Bounce: To move a girl or group to a different venue.

On the way she mentioned a pub her friend recommended, so we headed there. And after about an hour there, we went to another pub.

At these 2 venues was my time to I get a bit more “sexual” – heavy eye contact, sexual innuendos, more touching & flirting.

You’ve Got To Show Your Intent!

The biggest reason why guys end up in “the friends zone” is because they don’t take a risk and make a move.

Hence, why I always recommend you go for the kiss on the first date.

(Something which I failed to do here) lol

I had SO many chances to go for the kiss.

For instance, when we where sitting next to each other at the second venue.

She was leaning over and showing me something she’d stitched on her back jean pocket. And was completely cool with me running my fingers over and putting my hand in her back pocket (i.e. touching her bum through her jeans).

This was all going on while we were holding solid eye contact…

THAT Was My Cue To Go For The Kiss!

But for some DUMB reason I stalled out and ended up regretting not pulling the trigger. Lesson learnt.

So always try going for the kiss during the date – don’t wait to do it when you’re saying goodbye!

I liked this girl, but I liked the other girls I was dating even more. So I didn’t make plans to see her again…

You’ll see a few other girls I number closed that week in Man Up.

And that’s the awesome thing with Day Game – YOU have the freedom to meet and date many women in a very short period of time.

You don’t need to rely on going to parties, clubs or your current social group to meet new women.

Go out and MAKE shit happen! ;)