What’s Your Idea of Courage?


When was the last time that you remember being courageous? Answering that question means you know what courage is and why it is used.

If you do remember a time when you were brave against all odds then take yourself back to how it felt.

That feeling is worth its weight in gold, it is a feeling that other courageous people identify with, a feeling that inspires growth, progression and ultimately success as the reward for your efforts.

Getting places in life is tough, let’s face it – every day there is that unknowable side of life that scares most people into living a systematic lifestyle;


A safety zone for people who are happy to live like robots

Never questioning life or what they’re told to do

Anything for a simple life

Just to keep a ‘safety-net’ underneath them


Do you identify with the above?

I certainly don’t, not for a second. No man or woman rules my life, no system commands me and I have no plans to start either. I live by my own terms.


Living life requires courage from everyone every single day that you spend on this planet.

There will come a time where you will have to do something that you don’t want to do, be some place you’d rather not be or face a reality that you’d prefer to hide from.

That’s the definition of courage.

Having the strength of mind to deal with those circumstances that make you feel AFRAID. Being alert and ready to ACT although you might be feeling the pressure of the moment.

You have experienced courage many times without realising it:

 Standing up for yourself

Jumping in to defend a friend or relative

Saying NO to bullying

Being original – not following the crowd

Getting a gorgeous woman’s attention

Admitting when you’re wrong

Taking your driving test

Learning something new

Bringing new life into the world

Attending the interview that you’ve been dreading

Changing your life

I agree with Aristotle; you’ll amount to nothing without courage and you can believe that EVERYONE on this entire planet has a good idea of what courage is.

Even learning how to ride your bicycle as a child demanded courage, or getting into the freezing sea for a swim – not knowing what really lurks beneath its depths or selling to strangers in the shop where you work.

All of which require courage, but as people become more experienced with their challenges the difficulty soon wears off, no longer seeming so daunting and impossible.

Of course, there are some people who are only brave when in the company of their friends/relatives, but this is not true courage if it is borrowed from others.

Which are you?

Are you brave when you’re alone or do you need others around?

Courage eliminates excuses, it demands RESPECT, it builds and rebuilds, nourishes and solidifies, guides and empowers anyone who dares to strap it to their back like a sword ready for battle.

Do you want to live out this life without having done your best? Are you happy with just-about-making-it or have you always hungered for something more?

If your wish list is tall then you better start working from ground level up, which means to Take Action, and not just sit and stare at others who are successful – wishing you had their success.

That’s weak-minded, pathetic even, so do yourself a favour and –


To “mind your own business” means to TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN AFFAIRS – stop watching-and-wishing. Learn to take action instead of just day-dreaming.

The rewards are well worth the effort, you’ll never look back – except to laugh at the old YOU. Don’t wait for miracles to happen…

 You make them happen!